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The “backroom” – March 2016

Steady evolution based on tradition is a phrase that in my opinion, best describes what continues to happen here at Pipe and Pint in Greensboro. As those of you who follow our posts might have seen, we just celebrated our 18th birthday. 18 years of providing our friends and customers with memorable pipe, cigar and beer experiences. Experiences that evoke and stimulate our senses and hopefully give us those moments ranging from peace and tranquility to social interactions. For 18 years we have been a place where you can be sure to find a great selection of beers and tobacco products and enjoy an environment of personalized and expert service, unparalleled in the Triad. Tradition and personal relationships with a lot of our customers is very important to us but we have nevertheless evolved steadily. Our beer and cigar selection keeps growing, we changed location a few years ago to provide an even more comfortable environment and now we are opening up a new chapter in the Pipe and Pint story! And it couldn’t be more complementary to the sensual taste experiences we already offer.


The Pipe and Pint and Wines – Greensboro, NC

To me, Wine has always been a fascinating and sensual product. The sheer variety of sensory experiences to be had from a simple grape makes it incredibly intriguing. It’s a feeling of constant exploration and a quest to find out what that next bottle we open reveals to us that drives many wine drinkers. Very similar in fact to the world of specialty cigars and craft beers which is why it only made sense to Larry and Pete to take that next step in the evolution of Pipe and Pint and introduce a selection of high quality wines. Look at it as the new third pillar of the Pipe and Pint foundation, one that just simply adds to the existing portfolio of sensory experiences.

When I first walked into the “backroom” of the shop and saw the already incredible selection of fine wines, I couldn’t help myself but feel like a kid in a candy store. Rare gems such as 2010 Shafer Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon and 2011 Harlan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa sit next to great value wines. Being a passionate scholar of wine and sommelier I was somewhat speechless as to what was in front of me. I didn’t know where to look first. A small but oh so varied and impressive selection of wines that would make any collector drool. Larry, Pete and I chatted for a while and even though we didn’t actually crack open any of the bottles we were surrounded by, we hatched a plan to take the Pipe and Pint wine program to a new level.

We came up with lots of ideas which we hope will show you how well what we do already matches up with the world of wine. And trust me when I say that I am thrilled to be a part of that journey. Look for an increasingly growing selection of high quality wines, carefully selected to match any budget, personalized tastings and wine seminars and much more. Just like you can walk into the shop right now and know you will leave with the cigar or beer you’ve been looking for, we want to offer you the same experience when it comes to wine. That also includes our now regular Grape notes and recommendations which, starting today, will feature one of our great wines and my personal thoughts and impressions of that wine. As with all of the things that we are doing, we’d love to hear what you think. We are excited and this is only the beginning of steady evolution based on tradition, the Pipe and Pint way!

Thanks for reading and see you soon in the Pipe and Pint World of Wine,


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